Learn to Swim



 We start these classes from just 4 months of age! They're great for water  familiarisation and helping babies get used to being in the water – this can help greatly when it comes to bath time! This level is great for social interaction with others as well as providing lots of stimulus in a new and comfortable environment –our year-round warm water really helps with this!!



Only 3 swimmers per class! This is where we go to small class sizes with a low student to teacher ratio It’s the first level without a parentand swimmers begin to learn independently The basic skill development for this level includes floating and learning water safety skills with an emphasis on learning to kick



This is the second level of our parent and child classes and is great for motor skill developments Here we work on water confidence and some more advanced movements in the water This can be great education for parents on water safety and helping to understand what your child loves about our swimming lessons



Only 3 swimmers per class! Here we start to develop strokes, beginning with freestyle and backstroke We introduce drills that help strengthen swimming abilities Begin teaching breathing in freestyle Start to learn body positioning for streamline



This is our transitional level where we start to get the young swimmers ready for being in the water without a parent Here there is an emphasis on learning independence and starting to navigate being in the water without constantly being held It’s a great start to physical activity for young children!



This is where we begin laps of unassisted swimming! Quality over quantity though so we’ll be looking to see all the skills learnt in previous levels put together We will begin to introduce diving and we also work towards building up endurance and developing stamina This is the last class of the instructors being consistently in the water with the swimmers



We have beginner adults squads for those who perhaps missed out on learning to swim from a younger age or haven't swum much since then. We aim to start with the basics of swimming and slowly introduce more technique and fitness. 


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