Barracudas Water Polo

Barracudas Water Polo club started back in 1963 as the Tugun Water Polo Club and is Queensland’s longest running water polo club.

Since that time, the club has been Queenland’s Premier Water Polo Club winning more National and State Titles and Local Premierships than any other Club in the State. Barras have a unique focus on junior development, with our focus on quality coaching, leading the way for junior players wanting to take their game to the next level. Welcome.




Brisbane Underwater Hockey



Want an off season sport to maintain you fitness? Want a team sport that is low impact on your body but is still high intensity and explosive? Want to cross train and improve your breath-hold and anaerobic fitness? Enjoy the water but get bored swimming laps? It is time you considered underwater hockey



Underwater hockey is a non-contact sport in which two teams of 6 players compete to manoeuvre a lead puck across the bottom of a 2 metre deep swimming pool into goals.



Players wear a mask, snorkel and fins and safety gear includes a water polo cap, mouthguard and a glove. Sticks are short and either black or white depending on the player's team. The puck is 1.5 kg of plastic coated lead.



Underwater hockey is a low impact, high energy 3 dimensional team sport that is great for improving your breath-hold, lung capacity and snorkel skills.



Mixed social games are played at Musgrave Park on Sunday afternoons 2.30 to 4pm year round and new players are always welcome. Sticks, gloves and caps are available for beginners to borrow, just bring your own mask, snorkel and fins.


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Brisbane Bullsharks Freediving Club

The Brisbane Bullsharks is a freediving club, set up and run by freedivers, for freedivers. Its purposes are to create a safe training environment where divers can thoroughly learn and practice apnea and the technique of the sport — to foster the spirit of continual advancement of knowledge, technique and physical abilities and for those ready, to challenge them to extend themselves, to realise their full potential.